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We offer consulting to businesses large and small in various industries

Why Digital has years of experience in the digital space. Our founder began his digital journey back when dial-up internet was the norm in 1999, before Google, Facebook, Amazon, smartphones, digital cameras, or apps even existed.

In 2024, digital assets are everywhere around us and are essential to help any business

  • Showcase who they are and what they offer via web pages
  • Educate target audiences via unique, novel information and know-how.
  • Illustrate their identity via their branding
  • Build audiences, communities, and authority in their space from social media pages
  • Receive new business enquiries, bookings, leads, online sales, calls from organic marketing and advertising
  • Communicate better with their customers, pre and post-business.
  • Sell directly products, goods, and digital services online.

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    Using a workshop framework, our Digital Consulting takes into account

    • Our customers business, value proposition, their customers needs.
    • Our customers brand and identity.
    • Digital assets and their footprint across search, social, everything online.
    • Any digital marketing or advertising campaigns.

    From this we can see the gaps, missed opportunities, areas that need correcting, being the reason for our recommendations and plan

    Our Approach

    Step 1

    It’s essential that an in depth analysis of the business is undertaken to carefully understand all of the following:

    • The business value proposition, USP, and POD
    • The existing customer segments
    • The target customer segments and what makes them tick
    • The overarching objectives, any goals

    Step 2

    A deep dive and investigation into the current business digital assets, looking at

    • Business website, pages, information, design
    • Brand and logo
    • Social media pages
    • Google My Business – Reviews
    • Other Portals
    • Any paid or organic¬†marketing- advertising

    Step 3

    • Find the gaps
    • Create a plan to fix the issues
    • Come up with a strategy to meet the business objectives

    What our clients says about us

    suzi nguyen
    suzi nguyen
    Exceptional Web Design Services We have always utilised Roy at Why digital, as our web designer. Why Digital always does an exceptional job on our website requirements. Why Digital's creativity and attention to detail are impressive, and they always takes the time to understand our vision and expectations. I highly recommend this web designer to anyone looking for high-quality web design services. They truly go above and beyond to exceed expectations.
    Daniella Musico
    Daniella Musico
    Very knowledgeable, efficient and very easy to communicate with either via phone or email, unlike a lot of other companies that provide digital services that are only contactable via email and take a long time to action requests. Roy always goes above and beyond with the services he provides to best understand what our business needs and provide honest and experienced recommendations on ways to continually improve the business from a digital perspective. Would definitely recommend WhyDigital if you are looking for a reliable company to continually improve the way your business operates digitally as we have experienced first hand how improving our digital profile through the services of WhyDigital can positively increase the traffic of business. Thank you Roy!
    Ashwin Pillay
    Ashwin Pillay
    Contacted Roy looking to start a website for my small business, having no idea what was involved, and he and his team walked me through every step of the process. In the end they delivered a great website and a lot of other advice to help me with my online presence. Definitely recommend WHY Digital.
    Pasquale Napoletano
    Pasquale Napoletano
    We have used the team at Why Digital for many projects. We always found their service reliable and efficient. I would confidently recommend Why Digital.
    Michael Ranieri
    Michael Ranieri
    Roy and his team were outstanding with their help of creating a website for my business. He is extremely professionial with his work and very helpful in making the whole process a breeze. Would 100% recommend him to anyone. Could not be happier with his work.
    Taccone Famiglia
    Taccone Famiglia
    Roy has been wonderful to work with. Always gets the job done 100% and as quick as possible.
    Tasmina K
    Tasmina K
    Roy and his team has done a great job developing our company website. Currently looking after our website SEO and blog contents. Very reliable and professional. Highly recommended!
    Joe Tarzia
    Joe Tarzia
    WHY digital are superb with Roy and his team offering professional and personalised service. Exactly what my business needed!

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