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Why Graphic Design?

Design is everywhere, it’s all around us in many shapes, colours, symbols, letters, and numbers that have been created to influence and shape our perception of the world we live in.

We understand that strategically driven creative design is a key component of effective communication for your business and brand.

Why Digital offers a variety of graphic design services with the purpose of communicating visual messages to your customers and prospects.

Some of the graphic design services that we offer at include

  • Logo Development; style guides and logo packs.
  • Marketing Material; flyers, brochures, product catalogues, Capability Statements.
  • Stationary Designs; business cards, letterhead, email signatures
  • Advertising; signage, social media.

We always begin with a workshop discovery session

Workshop Session

We spend the time and do the diligence, to understand the objectives, the target audiences, the storytelling aspect, and how we need to best visually represent your brand.

Continue Until its Just Right

We will provide you with many iterations and changes of designs, making sure that you are not just happy but ecstatic.

Work Within Your Brand Guidelines

We make the entire design a seamless one, aligned with your brand and business for consistency and great brand awareness

Provide You With All The Files

We provide you with the files in a number of file extensions, meaning that you own the designs and can use these wherever else you want to.

Our Knowledge Makes A Difference

Why You Should Work With Us

Our Designs Turn Heads

We create designs that get attention, make people feel amazing, and inspire them to take action

Customer Perception is Everything

We understand that consumers are driven by unconscious thought patterns when they look at design, in a matter of seconds they will perceive and form an opinion on your brand, business, your values and more. Getting this right is paramount.

We Are Passionate About Design

When you are passionate about something it gets you up early in the morning and keeps you working late at night. Our designers are just like this, loving what they do, always looking at ways to improve, raise the bar, and provide even better results for our clients.